Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Welcome Baby Scherschel!!

I'm an auntie again! This time to an adorable and tiny little girl. I am so in love with my little niece!
She surprised us all, coming at 35 weeks and 3 days instead of past due as expected. What's with us Gaulke/Nelson girls and preterm birth?! Baby, mom and dad are all doing well, thankfully, and should be home soon to settle in to their new life together.
I'm internally being the typical big sister who knows just what she needs to do to get her milk in and pump and be successful at breastfeeding (I was up ALL night, just tossing and turning, hoping and stressing that it all goes just as she wants/ needs it to for her new little bundle of joy). But, like I said, internally. She will do what she needs to do for her baby, and if she wants to ask me a question, yay! But otherwise I'll zip my lips, because it can be such a stressful relationship at first. I just want it to be perfect for her! I want baby to be perfectly healthy and home and safe in their arms! I really do worry too much.
But my heart is just bursting with emotion for them!
Because I got a lotta love to give.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Molar!

Brushing Ps teeth tonight I was totally shocked to find a molar! I assumed his next teeth would be the two on either side of his bottom middle two teeth. But no, apparently his molars are next.
He's only dribbled some drool a few times recently, and is just chewing a bit more than usual. He's not a typical teething baby, hardly fussy and still happy as can be. So it's been really hard to tell if he was teething for sure or not. But a molar?!
These little milestones are so exciting to me, to both Ryan and me. So many people say things like, "oh but they're not a tiny baby any more" and "don't you wish he weren't crawling/walking/talking/anything new yet." Honestly, I don't wish that. Yes, I miss the newborn baby snuggles, but I also try really hard to focus on how amazing it is that P is still with us. We get to watch him grow and learn and develop and it is absolutely amazing and thrilling.
So I'm just going to keep enjoying how much grows and changes daily.
Because I got a lotta love to give.