Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A discussion that blew out of proportion on Sunday night at my dad's house truly reaffirmed my hope for the future of health care in this country and how I am planning to contribute within the health care community. But it was reaffirmed in an unfortunate and round-about way. The yelling and barking and badgering that ensued when I voiced my pro opinion of health care reform made me see how much I have to give to those who need medical attention in the world. I can't stand by and watch without voicing my opinion based on the events I see every day.

My father, who hasn't seen the inside of a doctor's office in ages, tried to tell me what's best for health care and how the system works. And that he knows best because he owns his own business. Well, his business is HVAC, a field I'm pretty sure has nothing to do with saving lives or giving medical attention. So how can he know best? He began blaming health care reform for his insurance company raising the rates of the particular plan that he had and dropping the current plan to entice him to spend more for the same benefits. When I tried to explain that this is not a result of health care reform, he jumped down my throat and then his wife, my step-mother, joined in simply to tell me that I am too young to know what I am talking about and that I am really just too stupid to know anything about the topic. At first I was angry about the misconstrued ideas they kept spitting out about health care reform and the government in general. But then, as I began to realize that I do feel every person is entitled to their own opinion or belief on things, what really got to me was how they treated me. I am not stupid. And I'm not a little girl who's lived a sheltered life and has never seen or experienced the world. I work in a clinical lab setting, where I am exposed to all the trials and tribulations patients have while dealing with mounting medical bills and insurance costs. I have volunteered in the ER and surgery department of hospitals. I have coordinated research projects, dealing with a group of people who typically gets dropped by their insurance when they need it most. I have shadowed physicians and even had discussions with others during interviews for entering medical school. But oh yeah, I'm too young and stupid to know anything about the issues in health care, let alone have an opinion on the matter.

I do realize that this day in age one has to pick and choose the information to believe as so much is blown out of proportion during political discussions. However, I also realize that working in a particular field opens your eyes to what truly happens in the day to day events, giving one a better perspective of what needs to happen to make that field function at its best. Knowing this, I feel more at peace as I know in my heart what is right and wrong. And I know even more so now than ever before how blessed I am to have such a huge heart that wants to give, give, and give some more. Even to those who can't afford to pay me for the help I can offer them.
Thank you, God, for giving me that.
I have a lotta love to give.

Friday, January 14, 2011

To new beginnings

Life is certainly an adventure. As I'm preparing myself mentally, emotionally, and even financially for the possibility of getting into medical school and reaching my dream of becoming a physician, I am continually learning about myself. I am finding out just how much I can juggle and keep up with life still. And how much love I have to give in this short life we live. With so much going on in my head, I decided starting a blog to keep track of my progress in life would be the best thing to do. I may or may not check in every day, but I can at least rely on this for getting some of my thoughts out. There are so many things I want to do in life, and talk about. Due to people having vastly different opinions leading to heated discussions, I want to get my thoughts out here, uninterupted and pure. Along with keeping track of my journey into becoming a practicing physician, I want to sound off on such topics as health care reform, dealing with family who is extremely opposite my political and social standing in life, why I want to be a doctor and the things I want to do for mankind (maybe if I write it down, it really really really will happen).

To start off, an issue to consider for a young woman of my age (27) who is embarking on a long and very difficult journey to my intended career is children. I am happily married, and falling more and more in love each day. But what comes with that is seeing the beautiful potential of starting a family. And yet, when is the timing right? Now? Or ten years down the road? Or should we have started a few years ago to make getting through medical school and residency that much easier on myself? Am I nuts for even thinking now could be okay and trying to convince my husband of this?

My husband is not ready, and yet the desire for children grows stronger. And so I am now questioning where that deep yearning comes from. Why do I want kids besides just the fact that my biological clock is ticking frantically? Because I want to take care of people, which is essentially why I want to be a physician. I thought about fostering, but my husband isn't ready for us to even have kids in the house. So I am thinking of working with kids at the Boys and Girls Club in the Rainier Beach area south of Seattle. I am hoping this will give me the kid exposure I am craving, as well as even at least partially fulfilling the desire to care for children in any way possible.

One little piece of what's been happening in my head. So much to do, so little time. So time to get a move on. Time to make my dreams come true.
Because I have a lotta love to give.