Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I've done two experiments with the Boys and Girls Club kids now, and I have so loved sharing my love for science with these kids!
Experiment one was chemical reactions: can you make alka seltzer dissolve faster? How? They designed the experiment. I timed it. And they explained why it worked. Awesome.
Experiment two was density: I brought oil, water, salt and a couple of eggs and had them ask different questions and design experiments on how to make an egg float in water. Über fun!!
These kids are so smart and have so much potential, I just love being able to encourage them to work hard and use their minds. That really is all they need to leave the riff raff behind and make something of themselves.
The mission statement for BandG basically says we need to show these kids they have the potential to work hard and make something of themselves, even when the rest of the world doesn't think they do. These kids are part of an undeserved area of South Seattle with limited funding in schools and most likely at home as parents struggle to feed them daily. Fortunately for me, I never really dealt with struggling to get an education, let alone food on my plate. I think that's why I love working with these kids. I am learning so much from them, and they make my heart bigger every time I work with them. I guess I got a lotta love to give.