Saturday, January 31, 2015

Oz Take 2!!

What a fun family adventure! This was P's first trip on a plane, and it was international! I admit, I was so nervous about how he would do with the take offs and time difference. Be he was such a trooper, even when it was almost too hot to sleep.
Within this adventure, P started so many new things: pulling himself up on things to stand, saying the mamamama sound consistently (warms my heart), getting upright to sit from crawling around, climbing stairs and two more teeth came in. So much in such a short time!
He experienced sand on the beach for the first time. Hated the cool pool water that was meant to be refreshing. Took a literal dip head first in another pool (oye, bad parenting moment right there). And got hear Kookaburras and other birds wake him up each morning in Brisbane.

We lost the white jacket on the flight over apparently, haven't seen it since. But with how far we traveled and drove around and packed and unpacked, I'm thankful that's the only casualty of such a wonderful trip.
This was such a fantastic first family trip, a true adventure with such a little guy who traveled so well. People around us on the plane told us they were impressed by how well beghaved he was. Whew! But even if he were to be fussy and upset, I would not have cared if others were upset by it. I would only have wanted to try and make him feel better.
I'm so thankful for the beautiful new memories we made with wonderful friends. I'm thankful for the friends we have in Australia. And for how they remember K and know how special it is to travel with P.
I'm just so thankful.
And I got a lotta love to give.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First Tooth!

Ps first tooth has just broke through! Since he only wants to chew anything that touches his mouth, I don't have a picture just yet. But I'm excited about this next phase in his development.
It's a little bittersweet, though. He's my baby, my tiny, chunky, gummy baby. And yet he's not quite so tiny any more. He's become so tall and lean (though he does still have the chunky chipmunk cheeks). And now he's no longer funny or adorable toothless when he smiles. 
He will be just as adorable, of course. It's just amazing to watch my baby grow and become less and less of a baby. Yet he's still my baby.
I just need to take advantage of all the baby snuggle time I can while he's still a baby!
Because I got a lotta love to give.